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ARSON:  It has been said that Arson was not born to live a mans life, but to be the stuff of future memory. Trained ruthlessly in the methods of legendary whip-master Anthony Delongis by some of his greatest students, Arson's skill with the lash leaves nothing to be desired. He can cut a rose blindfolded at ten paces, slice a full sheet of newspaper down to a 2 inch square, disarm or grab an assailant, or even gently flick a light switch on and off. With a whip in his hand, he can make the impossible a reality. Arson has also spent many years in pursuit of the secrets of none other than Mr. Eric Weisz A.K.A. Harry Houdini, and through books, eyewitness accounts, careful observation, (and rumor has it a few seances) he has learned many. Much like the Great Houdini, stories have been told that no rope, chain, shackle, or restraint can hold Arson, which has proven quite handy... 
as you may have gathered by his devilish smirk, our defacto leader and self-styled "ramrod" is the type of man that more often than not, wakes up handcuffed in strange places. If that is not enough to peak your interest in this handsome ne'er do well, Arson stays true to his name by being the source of fabulous pyrotechnics and mystifies with his amazing ability to withstand tremendous amounts of mind blowing pain. So, by all means sit down, watch, observe.. viddy even, and enjoy, we promise that a performance from Arson is not something you will ever forget.

LORD MAXWELL:  Ladies and gentlemen! Gaze in awe, and bask in the wonderment that is our very own Lord Maxwell! His lordship hails from the frozen north of The United States where he was classically trained in traditional vaudeville theater by The Dark Follies. But, being true to his gypsy heritage, wanderlust overcame our young Lord and he found his way southward and into our ranks. The road taught him well, and amidst his meanderings he has learned and mastered the ancient Polynesian art of poi spinning, fire manipulation and absorbing extensive knowledge of blades and the bladed arts. His Lordship has received much acclaim for his performances across the country and it has become known both far and wide that when Lord Maxwell takes the stage, and has that Fae look in his eyes the audience is rarely left unmoved.

Gypsy: Ladies and Gentlemen! Feast your eyes upon (um.. GENTLEMEN.. her face is up more) the lovely and enigmatic Lady Gypsy! Marvellous mistress of mayhem! Killer Queen of the curved blades that make up her fearsome ladder of swords! Our lovely lady the one "true born" carney of the krewe, having been born and raised on her mothers knee while minding the ten-in-one, growing up, she was oft urged to stay away from the creepy sideshow folk over in the other tent.. as you can see.. she didn't listen. Like most women, this buxom beauty is a consumate professional when it comes to both inflicting, and not feeling pain, though luckily she spends most of the show chained, shackled, or in the jaws of one fearsome trap or another. As you may have gathered, there is much more to Miss Gypsy than meets the eye (again.. she's up here, gentlemen..)
The Troupe

What we have here folks is one of nature's greatest mistakes! THIS is what happens when you cross carpentry, and carnies (and more than a dash of moonshine)! Witness Snidely, when not designing and building Karnevil's deadly and diabolical devices you may find him weaseling around backstage finding new victims..erm *cough* volunteers for the stage. Yes a mustache of many skills which are all aimed at you folks! Stay tuned kiddies to see want Snidely drags up on stage next!